Creative Menus and Fresh Food in Glen Mills

Our menus are creative and customized to meet your needs and special requests. Catering Services are available in Media, West Chester, Wilmington,South Jersey  and the Tri County area.

 Various Menus are included in  this section which can be downloaded and printed for easy viewing. We are here to

help you in the planning process for your event and the full orchestration of the event. 

Food Bars and Stations

Christine Marie's Catering can provide creative menus and fresh food.

 It is  very trendy to add Food Bars and Stations to events especially weddings and graduation parties and Christmas is a great time to begin with a new trend

Options range from Pasta, Risotto,Cheese Steak to Smoothies and Milkshakes

Graze our sample menu and prepare to be hungry .Hire our trained staff for your event in West Chester, Glen Mills and the Tri State Area. Christine Marie's Catering in Glen Mills Creative Menus and Fresh Food in Glen Mills Christine Marie's Catering in West Chester

Food Bars and Stations (pdf)


Appetizers and Hors D'Ouvres

  A well rounded and delicious collection of Hors D'ouvres and Appetizers 

Many of which are Vegetarian 

An upscale event sample menu  

Hors D'ouvre and Appetizer Event Sample (pdf)


CHRISTINE MARIE Catering Hor's D'ouvres with prices (pdf)


Entrees The Main Course

Our entree menu contains many options however we prefer to create customized menus to meet our customers varied needs

Christine Marie's Catering The Main Course (pdf)


Salads The Green Pantry

Exciting selection of seasonal salads 

some greens,some vegetables,some fruits,some nuts, potatoes, pasta and grains

Many tasty selections that make us different than our competition

Christine Marie's Catering The Green Pantry Salads (pdf)


Sides and Accompaniments

Sides are a necessity


Try something fresh and new today!

Christine Marie's Catering Sides and Accompaniments (pdf)


Desserts The Sweet Finale

Christine Marie's Catering Desserts (pdf)


Event Pricing Strategy

An explanation of How Pricing Works

CHRISTINE MARIE Catering Hor's D'ouvres with prices (pdf)